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Auto Tinting


There is a reason Auto Dealers choose The Tint Team for their Automotive Window Tinting services. We use the state of the art computer cut system that increases consistence and accuracy for your vehicle. The Computer Cut System provides mircoedge doors to ensure the film fits perfectly on all make and model vehicles. Products sold are all compatible with any kind of technology such as; Bluetooth, tire sensors, navigation, smart phones, and sunpasses. We use only the best products which reduce heat and glare to block the damaging UV rays that can deteriorate your cars interior over a period of time, while providing you comfort. It is very easy to get misled from flea markets, gas stations, and installers working out of their car. They can charge low prices for a simple reason; they use cheap window film that will eventually fade, bubble and/or peel in a very short time frame of your install. We have a convenient location in Pompano Beach and are one of the few companies that also provides Mobile Service for your convenience.

The Benefits of Tinting Your Vehicle

In States such as Florida, that is hot all year round, Window Tinting your vehicle can be beneficial in a lot of ways. Vehicles that have our products will never fade, bubble, or peel due to the quality of the material. The films will reduce heat from entering your vehicle, which also keeps the interior protected. Aside from staying cool, tinted windows also serve in a variety of purposes which include privacy; helps conceal all valuables in your car from thieves, protection; can protect you from injury caused by shattered glass if you ever were to get involved in a car accident the film can hold glass together, appearance; it provides the car with a more classy elegant look, vision; blocks glare when it comes to the bright sun. The sun glare can be blinding making it difficult to see while driving. Invest in yourself and your vehicle. Call The Tint Team.

How will I Benefit from Window Tint?

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